My Coaching Philosophy and Approach

Is your current "road map" serving you?  Are you getting where you want to go or do you feel somewhat frustrated and a little out of balance?  Do you want some help putting the pieces together? Welcome to the human race where we all benefit from a trusted, experienced and honest support system. 

The gaining of new awareness leads to growth and the discovery of new opportunities, energy, strategies, and professional and personal well-being that will serve you.  Everyone is a leader - whether a mother or father in a growing family, a CEO, the minister of a church, a school principal or teacher, a public servant, a spouse or partner, and the list goes on.  We are all called to lead in some capacity in life and we do not need to go it alone!

What can you expect in a coaching engagement?  You will find an equal partnership from the start and throughout the coaching engagement, where your growth, challenges, and goals are the only priorities.  You will find a safe and confidential partnership that is totally transparent and honest, and seeks to enable you with new awareness and skill sets that equip you for further success.  You can expect the appropriate level of support and accountability that seeks to increase the chances of you reaching your goals.  You will find energy and appropriate humor.  You will find my commitment to leverage the best of my professional skills as I accompany you on your growth journey. 

I have over 14 years serving as a national security senior executive and five years of leadership coaching experience.  I have brought together diverse parties, cultures, and interests to form or strengthen high functioning organizations and cross organization partnerships with individuals at the core of positive change.  I have interests in learning all kinds of new ā€œstuff,ā€ including reading, hiking, and photography.  In the personal growth department, each year I "purposefully wander" with small groups, hiking in and photographing our national parks while practicing elements of leadership - a unique discovery experience each time.  

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Tool Kit

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

  • Member in Good Standing, International Coach Federation (2019)

  • Leadership and Management Executive Certificate with Emphasis in Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan

  • MS, Information Systems Technology Management, George Washington University

  • Adjunct Leadership instructor for Federal senior executive courses, and mentor Coach for two university coaching certification programs

  • Certified Assessor and Interpreter for:

    Center for Creative Leadership Feedback Suite Certified

    Leadership Mirror Feedback Instrument/Instructor Certified

    Hogan Personality Assessment Certified - Individual/Team

  • Chief Information Officer Executive Certificate