What Clients Are Saying


Can't See Where You are Going - We All Feel Like This From Time to Time

Can't See Where You are Going - We All Feel Like This From Time to Time

Senior VP, Technology Company

"Ed creates a comfortable environment to discover together the issues that are slowing your progress.  Once the issues are surfaced he is able to provide real world solutions, drawing on his own and other experiences, as well as up to date academic research.  He really  helped me to create and 'own' the solutions. I felt that my ultimate success was as important to Ed as it was to me."


“Ed took the time yesterday to walk me through some of the initial executive steps that will be required of me to successfully lead in my new venture. Ed's broad experience in both the USG and private sector, along with his strategic sense was most invaluable. Ed is a real asset for executive leaders and a great mentor that will keep you focused!”


"There was a positive coach-client match with Ed.  I appreciate his wealth of professional experience and the inviting approach he delivered to our discussions.   He provided a safe setting to explore my leadership challenges while supporting the design of actions.  I found his questions thought provoking, resulting in new ideas and perspectives.  I would recommend Ed.”