I help individuals and teams develop, rid them of derailing practices, and act as an unbiased sounding board to bring clarity to organizations so people move beyond the "stuck stage" to a more innovative state.


Each of us are leaders in life -- at work, in family settings, in the community, and in relationships.  As leaders, we can hit the proverbial "wall" where progress comes to a screeching halt.  We just can't seem to realize our goals or perform as we know we can.  Left unchecked, it can lead to a lack of control and frustration; we work harder but can't move forward. Our organizations suffer.  Picture a hamster running on an exercise wheel.  

Or do we want to perform at a higher level, to be better, and to experience personal growth for its own sake?  Wouldn't it be beneficial to have a professional and experienced advisor who is dedicated to work with you to help remove the walls, and develop lasting awareness, new skills, and productive strategies?


The Possibilites Are Limited By What We Don't Attempt

The Possibilites Are Limited By What We Don't Attempt


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