Focus on the “Dash”

I recently attended a memorial service for a colleague’s wife who fought a courageous battle but succumbed to a terrible disease.  She was too young to have left a devoted husband and maturing children.  Most of us have been to similar events and we find that there is familiar etiquette at each.  This etiquette comforts the grieving and those gathered to process the current loss, and in some cases, to face their own mortality.

One can expect on these occasions to be presented with a printed, personalized program to describe the order of the memorial and to reflect two distinct dates for the deceased – a date of birth and a date of death.  But there is so much more to that string of text, there is what occurred between those dates that define the essence of the person and the potential that they realized.  In the string of text, this is represented by the often-overshadowed dash (“-“): Month/Date/Year – Month/Date/Year.   

Coaching professionals believe that each person is provided with an undefined and limitless dash (“-“) for achieving better leadership skills and overall balance in life.  In my work with leaders from all walks of life, I find that the dash (“-“) is often overshadowed given the pace of personal and/or professional life and plain and simple, a lack of awareness that limits an optimal pursuit of potential.  The prospect for achieving ones potential begins with individuals making a commitment to work towards it.

Here is an update to my professional dash (“-“).  I recently obtained the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  The ACC requires the completion of an accredited coaching training program, coaching experience and successful passing of an extensive knowledge assessment.  ICF seeks to advance the practice of professional coaching, maintains core competency standards and offers an enforceable code of ethics.

Ponder a moment and focus on the dash (“-“).

Ed Higgins 2014.  All rights reserved.