Resilience - Lessons From the Street

The crowd was bustling around him in a public court in London.  He knelt there, carefully, almost painfully, sorting his colored chalks.  So serious.  With such intention.  He appeared troubled as he stared at the beginning of his vision to be mirrored on the concrete sidewalk. 

Standing beside him, he continued to sort, slowly, very slowly.  Kneeling down beside him and making eye contact, he said that he was a 20-year resident of the street; an artisan of miles of London sidewalks.  He repeated over and over again, I will be RESILIENT, I will be RESILIENT.  Yes, I could make his photograph, and I did although I felt like an intruder.    

“They washed my art!  They washed my art away because the torch, the Olympic torch, will be passing tomorrow.  They washed my art away for a torch!”  Looking me in the eye, he said with conviction “I have no choice but to be RESILIENT and to create again.”  I reassured him.  He continued to work as if I had disappeared. 

Looking down to the street I saw his vision there for the world to see if desired, “All You Need is Love,”  

And a passerby then walked over it and continued on their journey. 

I passed by the courtyard the next day.  The street resident had moved across the way.  He was creating again.  He was creating!

Each day is gift to create despite the stomping.  Go create.  Be resilient.

Ed Higgins – All Rights Reserved 2018